Our new Antivirus for 2022 is an all-in-1 solution that guards against cybercriminals, spammers and hackers to keep your PC safe while not impacting on performance

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Your Current Security is letting you down

Power up your security with our re-engineered antivirus solutions which deal with modern threats. VirusRemoval automatically keeps your computers safe & secure. It silently detects and blocks all threats, without you even knowing. No configuration necessary!

Strongest Protection

Our Antivius has obtained certifications from leading security testing labs, such as ICSA labs, as well as multiple VB100 Awards for malware detection.

Doesn't Slow you down!

Our antivirus engine is designed to check your PC for viruses and other security issues quickly & with minimal impact on your PC’s performance.

Fully Automatic

You will receive the latest antivirus definitions several times each day. Any infections found will be dealt with instantly without you needing to do anything!

VirusRemoval: Security Worth Having

Whether you just need a solid Antivirus program or an Automatic Patch Management suite to keep your computer fully up to date, we have the right product for you. Why not really power-up with our flagship Antivirus & Patch Management combined product?

Patch often, patch everything, patch everywhere

Why bother installing software updates (patching)? Regular patching has always been best practice and neglecting it is a known cause of many security breaches. Year on year patching is becoming more crucial.

Software updates are important because they often include critical patches to security holes. Many of the more harmful malware attacks take advantage of software vulnerabilities in common applications.


Of Attacks use vulnerabilities for which patches already exist


Of cyber attacks target small businesses


Our Managed Antivirus: Award-Winning Antivirus protection.  Premier protection defending you and your business online from today’s many threats

The Perfect Combination

With new vulnerabilities announced every week, deploying updates automatically & quickly is critical to maintaining the health and security of your systems. Antivirus software by itself is no longer enough.

With our automatic Patch Management tool, you can kiss goodbye to Windows updates, stop worrying about security on your devices.
Start relaxing while we take care of the work for you – ensuring all essential system updates are applied!